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Following the Son

My daughter is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She’s approaching her half way point, which many people refer to as ‘hump’ day.  I didn’t want to use the same old camel theme and was thinking about how as a laborer in the Lord’s vineyard she is halfway through her ‘day’ as a missionary.  I have always loved the symbolism of the sunflower – whose turns it’s face towards the sun all day long.  So I decided to write her a poem using this metaphor. I thought it might be worth sharing for anyone wanting a camel alternative.

I also decided to decorate a care package full of everything yellow and sunny and remind her of the light she offers in sharing the tremendous gift of the Savior’s love and plan of happiness for God’s children.


Following The Son

following the son packagefollowing the son poem

Like a beautiful sunflower,

You follow the Son

Sharing gospel truths

With every one


As a laborer in His vineyard

Your ‘day’ is half done

But preaching with power

Has only begun


When you testify of Christ

And bring souls to his fold

The joy you receive

Is more precious than gold


And just like the flowers

That follow the sun

Your countenance will radiate

Who you’ve truly become…


A follower of the Son.


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