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Love thyself – warts and all

            It’s pretty fascinating how our beliefs show up in our bodies in metaphorical ways.  For example, shoulder pain often represents a burden that is weighing us down or diabetes as not being able to find the sweetness in life.
So what about warts?  Warts represent deep seeded anger or resentment.  Recently a client complained to me about her warts.  As a forgiving person she couldn’t think of anyone she was holding a grudge against.  I questioned if it was possible that the person she was angry at was herself.  Sheepishly she admitted that rang true. She then rolled out a long list of things she didn’t like about herself – her faults, inadequacies and failures. It felt like some pretty deep seeded self loathing.

The truth is we all fall short of our ideal self. But when that disappointment turns to disgust we generate seeds of shame that burrow into our bodies.

            What if we transformed our negative self talk with the power of truth? As God’s spiritual offspring we come complete with seeds of divinity – the great I AM. Sow those seeds instead by using the phrase “even if” and ending with “I am…”

            For example, “Even if I got a C in math – I am smart.” or “Even if I am 20 pounds overweight, I am beautiful.”

            When my little sister was 7 years old she had warts all over her hands. At a family reunion she found a little frog.  My grandmother told her if she kissed the frog that her warts would disappear.  In her trusting innocence she accepted that statement as fact and kissed the frog.  Within the month all of her warts vanished.  Such is the power of our beliefs.

Frog prince

            Remember the fairy tale where the princess kisses the frog and turns him into a prince.  The princess was looking for love and found it by accepting what was in front of her.  Meanwhile, the frog, when treated with love remembered the truth of who he was and became transformed.

divinachi flag

            So in fact, no matter what is showing up in your body, recognize it as a cry for acceptance and love.  Even if I have warts (and we all do!), I am loveable.

Love thyself, warts and all!


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